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Week 4

Activity 4 – Where Am I Now? Reflection

Here is an updated version of my MindMeister which now includes the addition of the TPACK and Philosophy of Teachnology frameworks.

References for my Mind Map update:

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Philosophy of Teachnology

1. I took NAIT courses in HTML/CSS programming. The instructor used a smartboard to display coding for building a web page, and students were to build the same web page in Dreamweaver by directly copying the instructor’s code. I found this did not facilitate learning by doing nor scaffolding, as students were not able to apply and build on existing knowledge. For instance, we didn’t learn how code could serve in different situations or how to determine what code to chose for specific purposes. Given available technology in the classroom, more dynamic activities and assignments that better facilitated/enhanced learning should have been possible.

2. I took courses via distance learning (AthabascaUniversity). These included facilitating and contributing to group discussions with other students via an online discussion board. I found this provided an effective alternative to, for instance, a graduate seminar. Students were able to respond to each other and share ideas without being in the same room together. This use of technology effectively enabled the distance learning format.

TPACK  Picture4