Week 12 – Mobile and Emerging Technologies

Part A – mLearning for the K-12 Classroom

Here is my Tackk poster.

In case my Tackk account expires and my poster can no longer be viewed, here is a PDF version of my poster, and here is my poster in JPEG format:



Part B – Reflection (re: Sample Lesson Plan)

Mobile devices could be utilized for the activities for Step 1 of the lesson plan to poll the class to share ideas about what they already know about Greek mythology, and what they would like to find out. At the end of each unit, to facilitate sharing of the group lists of what has been learned, a content delivery app such as mobl21 could be utilized to provide a space for each group to post their list; the teacher could then deliver a compilation of all group lists to each student directly via their mobile device. This is a way of engaging students, incorporating collective knowledge, and empowering students by letting them decide what they would like to include in their learning. As well, the end of class poll would serve as a study review for the entire class.

To expand on the objectives of Step 5, an augmented reality program, such as the Star Walk iOS app, could be utilized to have students view the night sky and observe digital layers that show the figure outlines for the constellations depicting icons from Greek mythology. This would help demonstrate the connection been ancient Greek society and present day “Western” society. This may help demonstrate the relevance of Greek mythology to the students’ own lives, and help them to grasp concepts from Greek mythology that they can identify in the world around them today.

For Step 12, the teacher could use the Study Stack web site to create flashcards, incorporating all the questions and answers provided by the students. The link to the flashcard deck could then be sent directly to each student’s mobile device, and they could access the flashcards on their mobile devices at school or elsewhere (as long as there is an Internet connection).

Considerations I would make before incorporating this mLearning strategy would include:

  1. Whether the mLearning strategy makes appropriate use of technology as a support. For instance, am I using technology just for the sake of using technology? Will the use of technology truly transform the students’ learning.
  1. Whether the applications/apps I choose to use are compatible with all the types of mobile devices my students have access to (or, whether my all the students in my classroom have access to a mobile device with which the applications/apps I choose to use are compatible). For instance, Star Walk is exclusively for Apple devices, and costs $2.99 USD. I would want to choose free applications/apps, so that cost would not impede accessibility.
  1. Whether the technology is appropriate to the age / grade level of my students. If the applications/apps are too difficult for my students to use, they will lose interest in the activities.

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