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Read & React Review of Director’s Commentary: The Book of the Five Rings


Gordon, J. (2012, September 21). Director’s commentary: The book of the five rings [Weblog post]. Retrieved from


Gordon’s (2012) post on Forbidden Planet International’s blog presents commentary from creator (writer) Sean Michael Wilson regarding his work on a manga adaption of rōnin[1] Miyamoto Musashi’s The Book of the Five Rings (circa 1640), a discourse on Samurai culture and martial arts philosophy. References to contemporary Western works, such as Star Wars’ Jedi Order, link Samurai asceticism and fighting style to a context familiar to many (most) contemporary readers (Gordon, 2012), and demonstrate the breadth and continuity of Musashi’s influence in translations of Samurai ontology across time and artistic media. Wilson characterizes the Samurai as an ‘artistic warrior’, integrating Zen practice through martial arts, painting, calligraphy and poetry (Gordon, 2012).

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