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My Read & React Review of Rosberg’s Article “Self-published Comics Are Changing an  Aging Industry – For the Better”


Rosberg, C. (2016, June 30). Self-published comics are changing an aging industry—for  the better. The A.V. Club.  Retrieved from



Rosberg (2016) provides an overview of the self-publisher vs. large (corporate) publisher dichotomy within the comics industry, highlighting obstacles and imbalances that self-publishers and small (independent) publishers face, and describing self-publishing as gaining momentum and reshaping the industry in a way that is serving up very real challenges to publishing giants such as DC Comics, Inc. and Marvel Comics.

A critique of established systems of recognition and awards within the comics industry is Rosberg’s catalyst for discussion. She describes some structural aspects that underpin the prestigious Eisner Awards’ failure to respond to the challenges that self-publishers and small publishers level within the industry; Namely, that nominations systems and voting systems are biased towards large corporate publishers, undermining their inclusion of / relevance for the growing market share of creators and audiences outside the mainstream (Rosberg, 2016).

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