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Teaching Social Justice and Democracy Through Young Adult Literature and the Pedagogical Approach of Critical Literacy

America has a problem. Presidential candidate Donald Trump galvanized his supporters, using the campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’. But ‘great’ by what yardstick? The 1940’s or 1950’s era? Since Trump’s election victory on November 8th, 2016, diverse groups across the country have expressed their fear for a growing imbalance in power relations, further marginalization within public domains, and discriminatory intrusions on their personal and collective freedoms (including restrictions on their movements). But perhaps a positive outcome of the 2016 election is that this problem – reactionary response against the dismantling of white male privilege – has been brought out from the secret corners of the country into the light, now publicly visible where it can be addressed collectively towards a resolution that works for America’s diverse multicultural population as a whole. This same problem has also come to light in Canada since the US election, challenging Canadians towards a collective fix. How do we do this?

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