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My 2017 AU Graduate Research Conference presentation

Listen to the recording of my presentation.

My slides are below:


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E-learning & Digital Cultures

I recently created two Prezis, one with my daughter for her show-and-share at school, the second as a digital artefact for a MOOC I am taking through Coursera.

The MOOC is “E-learning and Digital Cultures”, offered by the University of Edinburgh. Course topics include technology and utopian and dystopian societies, humanity and education. My artefact depicts the relationship between technology and human society, including examples of anxiety over technology expressed in and mediated by popular culture. Regarding education, my artefact includes a depiction of technology facilitating Universal Design Learning (UDL), in addition to constructivism, multiple modes of learning and communication/expression, and connectivism. (My artefact is a work in progress; I will be refining it.)  Here is my digital artefact.

My daughter’s school presentation is an example of incorporating technology in the classroom to enhance learning.  Using Prezi, my daughter has developed some basic skills in computer use, internet research, and using visual and audio content to tell a story. Here is my daughter’s Prezi.

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Flat Stanley Goes to Work!

Here are the slides that my 5-year-old daughter and I created for her kindergarten Flat Stanley project. The project aims to help the students learn about people in the community and different jobs people do.


And here are the presentation slides without the narration:



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Building Literacy via Digital Storytelling

Just thought I would share this. Instead of reading my 5-year-old daughter a bedtime story tonight, she and I made this comic strip with BitStrips.


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