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Library Observation: Morinville Community (Public) Library

Rural public libraries connect the communities they serve to the larger world outside, while responding to unique local priorities and needs. The Morinville Community (Public) Library (MCL) provides a third space (Lankes, 2012, p. 85) where community members can come together to share ideas, contribute to collective cultural resources, pursue lifelong literacy, access knowledge infrastructure (via technology), and generally engage in community-building.

MCL provides comprehensive reference and information service, including readers’ advisory and community outreach (Tyckoson, 2008, p. 130-134), and programming that responds to diverse market segments (Koontz, 2008, p. 81), appropriate for a public library. MCL is a warm and inviting public space for all ages, and is stiff competition for the Chapter’s bookstore a seven-minute drive away (Koontz, 2008, p. 80).

This report summarizes demographics and metrics relevant to MCL, and provides observations and reflections on MCL’s physical space and layout; collections (physical and virtual); programming; marketing; and web presence.

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