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Week 5 – Learning Management Systems and Virtual Learning Environments

Part A – LMS Exploration

Here is my Google Doc example of common features of a LMS.

Part B – LMS Reflection

I tried my hand at starting to build a “mock” course via CourseSites. I very much liked the diversity of options that could be incorporated into building a course, particularly the options for assessment and testing. I considered and tried out a number of options that would allow me to organize the content of my course (topically and chronologically), link it with the “bigger picture” in the course outline and course calendar, provide weekly content to students and link that with weekly quizzes that students could complete via this LMS, and the available tools for utilizing the assessment features to draw grading statistics for me as a teacher. However, I found using CourseSites to be very time consuming, and not at all intuitive. I was disappointed that the rubric I spent time building, as well as the blog feature I set up, were not easily accessible via the course homepage. I also found it impossible to work on CourseSites using my iPad. I think I will need much more practice with this tool to learn to effectively use it.

Here is a link to the beginnings of my mock course in CourseSites:

Here is a screenshot of my course homepage:

Picture 1