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I worked in participatory and community-based health research for more than a decade at the University of Alberta, before transitioning to roles in medical/clinical education and research methods training in recent years. I have developed continuing education eLearning training programs for clinicians, researchers, health system professionals and policymakers, and curriculum for formal graduate courses. As an academic technologies specialist, I developed immersive learning environments (including 4D simulations) for medical/clinical education.

For my dissertation research, I will explore new ISO standards for artificial intelligence (AI) in education, in conjunction with a novel AI application and emerging pedagogies for personalized and lifelong learning.

I recently had the opportunity to advise on a project proposal for a Canadian Space Agency initiative to develop AR/VR and AI based modules to train astronauts on the ground and off-world, in conjunction with the Deep Space Gateway and the Mission to Mars.

My research experience includes work to advance participatory processes and novel research outputs, to more fully engage public/community partners in conceptualizing and defining research questions, methodologies, processes and impact measures. Knowledge translation and implementation science have been key areas, and I have led the development of numerous digital tools to support evidence-based clinical practice improvements and public health literacy.


  • Doctor of Education in Distance Education | Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed Ally | Athabasca University | GPA: 4.0 | 2017-present | Dissertation topic: Artificial intelligence and semantic knowledge graphs for sustainable education in web-scale digital learning ecologies
  • Master of Library & Information Studies | University of Alberta | 2015-2017 | Incomplete/On-hold while I complete my doctorate
  • Master of Arts (interdisciplinary, w/ specialization in Educational Studies) | Supervisor: Dr. Jon Dron; Advisor: Dr. Terry Anderson | GPA: 3.95 | Athabasca University | Graduated 2015 | Thesis topic: Social media use in higher education
  • Bachelor of Arts in Bioethics + Anthropology | University of Toronto | Graduated 1999


Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit (AbSPORU) | May 2018 – present:

  • Training Institute Coordinator | January 2020 – present | AbSPORU Career Development Platform (Methods and Health Services Research | School of Public Health, University of Alberta
  • Training Coordinator | May 2018 – October 2019 | AbSPORU Knowledge Translation Platform | Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry | University of Alberta

Research Assistant / MOOC co-Facilitator | September 2019 – present
Technology-Enabled Learning (TEL) MOOC | Athabasca University & Commonwealth of Learning | PIs: Dr. Nathaniel Ostashewski, Athabasca University & Dr. Marti Cleveland-Innes, Athabasca University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Sessional Instructor | January-April 2018
Concordia University of Edmonton, Mihalcheon School of Management |Course: BUS210 Principles of Business Law (business and contract law, within Canada’s broader social policy backdrop)

Academic (eLearning) Technology Specialist | December 2016 – April 2018
Radiation Therapy Program, Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Alberta | Edmonton, AB

Research Coordinator | February 2016 – November 2016
ECHO Research (Evidence in Child Health Outcomes), Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta | Edmonton, AB | PI: Dr. Shannon Scott, Professor, Canada Research Chair for KT in Child Health (Tier 2), AHFMR Population Health Investigator

Research Program Manager | 2009 – 2015
Research Coordinator + Research Program Financial Manager | 2004 – 2009
BRAID Research (First Nations, Métis community health), Department of Medicine, University of Alberta | Edmonton, AB | PI: Dr. Ellen Toth, MD, CFPC (currently Professor Emeritus and Regional Medical Lead for Indigenous Health – Alberta Health Services)

Communications Director + Policy/Legal Analyst | 1999-2003
Rosenblatt Associates (Immigration Law) | Toronto, ON

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  1. Lorraine Stewart

    Well – a very thoughtful introduction to you and your life experiences, Kelli. I hope that your expectations of the AT course with Athabasca University are fulfilled!


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